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Garden ponds require regular maintenance to maintain their looks and their ability to support plant and fish life. We at Alpine Aquatics Pond & Pet utilize environmentally friendly and all natural techniques to provide the maintenance required to move from summer to Idaho winters and back again. Everything done to the water is safe for all wildlife.

Ponds can be temperamental, particularly in the harsh weather conditions we can experience in Blaine County. No matter the weather, we will help you keep control of the pond’s water balance, temperature, and structure to avoid any disasters.

Pond maintenance can also include controlling algae, cleaning and repairing the pond surface and the pump and filtration devices, and replacing worn parts. Water levels and temperature must be maintained to benefit the plants and animals in the aquatic environment.

Alpine Aquatics Pond & Pet will troubleshoot your pond’s condition to diagnose what maintenance or repair is most needed. But there are things the owner can look for that are signs of potential trouble:

• Green water usually means algae growth.
• Brown water could come from fish stirring up the mud and organic matter from the bottom of the pond. Algaecides won’t work with this issue.
• Black water is toxic and means there is too much rotting organic material. The pond will need a thorough cleaning.
• Creamy, murky water means that some of the fish or other animals have died, and need to be cleaned out. The filter will also have to be cleaned.
• Oily water can typically be blamed on dying water lilies. We can possibly save your plants as well as clean your water and filtration system.
• Water levels can decline because of evaporation. But there also could be a leak that needs repair.

Maintenance of your water feature can be complicated and time consuming. Let us at Alpine Aquatics Pond & Pet give it the care it needs to keep it as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Contact us for a consultation at Alpine Aquatics Pond & Pet, (208) 788-1803. We are conveniently located to serve all of Blaine County at 1811 Lear Lane, Hailey, ID, 83333.

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