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The design of your new pond is a vital first step and consists of more than just drawing a circle on the ground and digging. Actually, there is a long list of design questions that must be answered before that first shovelful is turned.

Alpine Aquatics Pool & Pet has the expertise to help you answer those questions, so that your new water feature will be all you desired and more.

When thinking about putting in a pond, consider these questions:

•Do I want to include fish? What types?
• Do I want step, slope or V-shaped sides?
• Is the area for the pond large enough? Does it have the right exposure?
• What size pump and filter system will I need for the volume of the pond I’m imagining?
• Will I want to create a bigger pond later?

There also are different types of ponds to consider: custom, pre-formed, pond liners, pond kits. Each comes with its own plusses and minuses.

Alpine Aquatics Pond & Pet is ready to help with these and other design questions and concerns. In fact, our professionals are often consulted by public organizations seeking advice on water concerns. Contact us for a consultation at (208) 788-1803. “

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