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Pond Supplies

Pond Supplies | Alpine Aquatics Pond & Pet - Blaine County, ID

A properly equipped pond will be easier to maintain and more likely to retain its beauty through the seasons. Without proper supplies and an education in their correct use, you could end up with a big, smelly mess.

We at Alpine Aquatics Pond & Pet know that ponds need their proper maintenance to remain a pristine addition to your landscape. Our professionals bring more than two decades of experience in environment disciplines to Blaine County and regularly are consulted by both public and private organizations on water quality and aquaculture concerns.

Pond supplies can be pricey. But you can trust Alpine Aquatics Pond & Pet to provide only the finest quality supplies at the best prices possible. We will not try to sell you something you don’t need.

Some basics for pond maintenance include:

• Natural algae control
• Barley straw
• Bog filters
• Clarifying bacteria
• Water garden plants
• Pump and filtration system
• Pond heater or de-icer

There is also a variety of optional equipment and supplies that can add to your pond’s appearance and ease of maintenance, including waterfalls, pond lighting and, of course, plants and fish.

Alpine Aquatics Pond & Pet can work with you to determine the best supplies for the best result.

Contact us for a consultation at (208) 788-1803. Or email us at [email protected]

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